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Chandlee Electric Expands with Merger

Steve LaFlamme, owner of CE Electric, who possesses over thirty years of experience in electrical installations, recently merged his company into Chandlee Electric. Steve, who assumed the position of Chief Operating Officer, brings his experienced staff and equipment to the table. With this merger Chandlee Electric now has over twice the personnel and equipment. New staff members are being added to the team to handle the increased work load.

Chandlee Electric was formed in January 2016 and produces over 2.5 million in annual sales. This commercial electric contracting company offers complete electrical services for new and renovation construction including LED installations, parking lot and site lighting installations, vehicle charging stations and more throughout the extended metro Atlanta area. Chandlee Electric contracts with Chandlee and Sons Construction Company and other commercial construction firms.

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Chandlee Electric LLC Offers Staff Educational Incentives!

Seth Chandlee, CEO of Chandlee Holdings LLC, met recently with the staff of Chandlee Electric LLC to offer a ‘continuing education incentive program’ to all of the employees. Seth stated, “As a member of the IEC, we find it imperative to tool our staff with the gift of incentivized IEC training courses. Not only will these courses broaden the range of skill sets and confidence of our staff members it will reward those members who volunteer for these milestones. This new knowledge will benefit staff members from apprentices to master license holders. Our Senior Licensed Master Electrician and Field Operations Manager, Gabe Taylor, has insisted on the advanced continuing education for our eager team of staff members while backing our foundational beliefs. Andy Cook, Business Operations Manager for Chandlee Electric and Board Member of Chandlee Holding is implementing the structure beginning immediately. This is an exciting time to grow with the Chandlee brand by tooling our men and women for the future!”

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