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Chandlee Electric now provides maintenance services and term contracts for commercial and light industrial customers. With the expansion of our company in 2017, now under the expert leadership of Steve LaFlamme, Chief Operating Officer, we can offer more services with more crews and equipment.

We know the importance of keeping equipment, offices, and warehouses in peak operating condition. Because we believe like Benjamin Franklin, that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, meaning it takes less time and resources to stop a problem from occurring than it does to fix the problem after it has already occurred.

Electrical maintenance is the upkeep and preservation of equipment and systems that supply electricity to buildings and all other commercial structures. Maintenance work is commonly performed on a schedule based on the age of the building, the complexity of the electrical system or on an as-needed basis.

The main areas of general electrical maintenance commonly include the power outlets and surge protectors, lighting systems, and generators. These supply sources should be checked for structural integrity as well as internal stability. A maintenance plan normally includes the regular replacement of burned out fluorescent and incandescent lights. Many building managers in recent years have refitted their lighting systems with energy saving bulbs, elements or upgraded to LED.

Chandlee Electric also offers a preventive maintenance program with scheduled inspections of all electrical systems and equipment. The purpose of these periodic assessments is to fix small problems before they escalate into large ones.

If you wish to receive a free quotation or schedule an inspection our contact information is located under the Contact Tab in the menu bar above. We also provide a free quotation form for your convenience. Someone from our office will contact quickly.

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