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Chandlee Electric, LLC is a light commercial electric company. We design and build electrical systems for the new construction of restaurants, bars, retail stores, offices, studios, salons, and light industrial spaces like vehicle sales, rental and repair businesses, manufacturing, warehouses, and more. Our services included both interior and exterior components.

We will supply all necessary components to meet the electrical load of each specific project according to the electrical engineer’s recommendations and drawings. Since every project is different the load differs and may include heat; water heat; air conditioning; heat pump; lighting; refrigeration; motors; computer, machines and equipment required in the scope; along with onsite electrical generation such as back-up and emergency equipments; building exterior lighting, and if required, site and parking lot lighting. We also provide electrical service for phone and other IT systems.

A typical commercial construction project includes: 
Fixed components of electrical circuit 
electrical panel and wiring up to code
sub-panels if required
feeder lines and circuit routes
mid-grade (120v) and high-grade (220v) outlets, standard wall plates
connectors, conduits, safety switches, service disconnect
appliance circuit
overhead lighting, track lighting, security lighting, display window lighting
Not fixed components of electrical circuit 
transformer pads and pull boxes

We also provide LED lighting conversations and vehicle charging stations and any required electrical services and components for your next commercial remodel project. 

Chandlee Electric team members strive to provide the very best service and materials while paying close attention to the budget and schedule. For a free consultation and quotation, please contact us at 678.278.9226 or by email to Monday through Friday, 8:00am until 5:00pm.

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