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Electrical Rewiring and Repair Services

Chandlee Electric provides rewiring and repair services including upgrades for commercial, residential, light industrial applications.

Since the merger of Steve LaFlamme’s LE Electric into Chandlee Electric in 2017 we have more than tripled our qualified staff and equipment enabling us to provide more services to more clients.

We continue to provide new and remodel electric services for commercial, residential, and light industrial projects, as well as, vehicle charging stations for home and business; LED lighting installations, design and conversions; and site, parking lot, and exterior lighting. We are now equipped to provide rewiring, repair and on-going maintenance services for all types of construction along with full electrical services to residential customers.

There are two usual reasons to rewire. The first reason is to bring current structures up to code. Secondly, to have necessary electric services to supply modern appliances, such as multiple computers, tablets, cellular devices, gaming electronics, smart televisions, heating and cooling, etc.

Not having the proper power supply is no longer just an inconvenience, it can mean damaged electronics. Voltage drop-offs can cause real damage to sensitive electronic devices. Also, having additional outlets makes it easier to charge the variety of components and keep power strips and extension cords to a minimum, or maybe eliminating them all together.

Modern homes often need as much as 200 amps to operate all the necessary electric components, and commercial applications often need more. Unless your home or business is new, your service panel may not meet your needs. As electric loads increase the wiring needs to be upgraded for safety reasons also.

Typical wiring upgrades include new wiring, switches, outlets and fixtures. Structured wiring is a general term for heavy-duty electrical and data cables that are designed to support the most recent communications and entertainment devices like phones, heating and cooling systems, lighting, internet, etc. Upgrading to structured wiring adds value to your property. A great opportunity to rewire is during a renovation since walls are opened or removed in the process.

Repair services often require rewiring and most certainly require that all electrical components are up to code. Repair services involve the same components of wiring, switches, outlets and fixtures. Do not hesitate to give us a call, send an email or submit the quotation form located on our Contact page under the Contact tab above. Someone from our office will contact you quickly for a free consultation and quotation.

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