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An LED light is a light-emitting diode or semiconductor – when light passes through it visible light is produced. They produce a light that is concentrated and more natural, and in over six million color hues. 

LED lighting is superior to incandescent, fluorescent, (and even neon) for the following reasons:
Use less power, thereby are more efficient
Function for decades when properly installed thereby cutting maintenance costs
Are almost indestructible
Offer flexibility with the flick of a switch
Smaller in size and easy to work with 
Present less environment concerns 
Brighter than fluorescent and neon lights

Commercial applications for LED lighting include:
Restaurants, bars, and clubs – over and under cabinetry, patios, decks and landscaping
Display and jewelry cases, exhibits and art features
Glasswork and chandeliers
Interior and exterior signage
Industrial and hazardous applications where vibration, water, temperature and maintenance harm convention lighting

Chandlee Electric is experienced in providing conversions of incandescent, fluorescent and neon lighting to LED lighting and new installations to our commercial customers. Call us anytime at 470-709-4555 or email to service@chandlee.com Monday through Friday 8:00am until 5:00pm for a free consultation and we will gladly provide a free quotation. 

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