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Chandlee Electric provides all typical site and parking lot luminaires and bollards whether pole-mounted, wall-mounted or laid in-ground along with canopy and soffit fixtures. We also provide solar lighting and solar light poles as well as canopy and soffit fixtures. We assure all clearances and approvals from the landscape architect, building architect or civil engineer are secured before we begin work. We insure every fixture type can withstand the area climate including occasional extreme weather by researching the 50-100 year mean recurrence level intervals. We also check local codes for their wind requirements as this will determine the type of luminiare to be installed.

Once the rough-in of gas lines, water supply and sanitary sewer, storm sewer, lawn irrigation and other plumbing and HVAC are complete enough our crews will begin the installation. We take special care to have all existing buried lines located and marked before trenching work is started. We even will sweep the installation area with an electronic locator after lines are marked before we begin work. 

The foundation is then prepared where the poles will be placed. Once anchor bolts are installed in the concrete we allow ample time for the concrete to set before erecting the pole. We recommend using galvanized bolts especially in severe climates. All installations must adhere to manufacturer’s recommendations and legal codes. These fixtures are very heavy and a secure mount is imperative. We second check fasteners, anchor bolts, nuts and welds as well as the foundation for cracks or spalling of the grout afterwards. These lighting components require that they be watertight including all gaskets, O-rings, and other water sealing components are secure along with seals for the luminaires themselves including such electrical components as transformers and in-ground junction boxes.

Every supply wire must conform to recommended temperatures ratings. We insure that conductor insulation characteristics correspond to the ambient conditions like a damp or wet location or where protection from UV radiation is necessary. Connectors for the wire will be protected against moisture and vibration and if branch-circuit conductors run through raceways, junction boxes or outlet boxes the corresponding luminaire will be used. We will also determine if there are wiring requirements for control circuits or emergency power.

Many municipalities have ordinances that restrict light pollution. We are aware of these ordinances that often minimize or eliminate light emission above the horizontal plane and restrict light pollution to adjacent properties. Oftentimes baffles and shields are required to provide proper cutoff of light distribution. Our crews will make final adjustments and test after the installation process is complete. 

Outdoor photovoltaic lighting (PV) is gaining in importance – this type of lighting uses PV panels or modules to convert sunlight into DC power, which is stored in batteries for nighttime consumption. PV systems can be cost effective for relatively small lighting loads as compared to installation line voltage power conductors. A PV system is practical for municipal parks, streets and campground recreation area entrance signs. The PV system most often uses sealed lead acid or lead acid batteries or nickel cadmium batteries. Chandlee Electric can provide this lighting system if preferred or applicable to the project. Our experienced crews can also provide and install all types of lighting mounted directly on the exterior of structures.

Give Chandlee Electric a call at 470-709-4555 anytime Monday through Friday from 8:00am through 5:00pm to schedule an appointment for a free consultation and quotation. You may also submit the free quotation form found on the Chandlee Electric page under the Contact Tab or shoot us an email to service@chandlee.com

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