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Chandlee Electric was greatly expanded in 2017 with the merger of Steve LaFlamme and his LE Electric company in with our electrical service company. This expansion more than tripled our staff, our fleet of vehicles and our services. Steve, our Chief Operations Officer, and our dedicated and experienced staff are always ready to design, build, install and maintain every electrical service for residential applications.

Residential electricity includes single family homes, multi-family units, apartments, condominiums and vacation homes. Applications such as hotels, motels, and other structures may be considered residential or commercial, depending on the jurisdiction. Chandlee Electric provides complete electric services in all these applications whether residential or commercial. We provide complete commercial electric services to businesses of every type, along with site and parking lot lighting, LED installations and conversions, and vehicle charging stations for businesses and residences.

The most important focus of our work is that all work meets the codes of a particular jurisdiction. We provide 120/240 volts and higher based on the application and 200 amps, 400 amps and higher based on the size of the structure.

The scope of work that we usually provide in residential applications include:

  • Temporary and permanent service
  • Interior lighting of every variety
  • Power outlets and sockets with all required safety features
  • Appropriate circuits for appliances such as air conditioning and heating units, refrigerators, dishwashers, garbage disposals, freezers, water heaters, washing machines, dryers, and pilot lights for gas stoves and water heaters, as well as emergency generators and any other requested appliance
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI and GFI) on breakers or outlets where water contact is a possibility
  • Safety features and ground connections
  • Low voltage installations that include voice, data, video, cables and components to support internet connections, fax machines and land line phone connections, entertainment system connections plus other VDV systems, and security surveillance systems (CCTV), alarm and fire systems

Our electric service company provides these services to new construction as well as remodel construction. We also maintain, repair and upgrade these same components. Chandlee Electric serves Alpharetta, Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas – we are only a phone call or an email away. Our contact information is found under the Contact tab in the menu bar above.

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