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Solar Lighting Installations

Chandlee Electric is now offering the installation of solar lighting to the expansive metro Atlanta area and north Georgia. This newer technology is a good investment to light your property, the neighborhood, the thoroughfares, the local shopping centers and your vacation cabin at the lake or mountains.

The use of solar technology for street lighting requires that the light poles be raised. Photovoltaic panels are attached to a pole or other structure and receive power by taking energy from the sun. These panels use a rechargeable battery to store the sun’s energy which enables the fluorescent or LED lamps to produce light all night long and for days in a row when the weather is cloudy.

The advantages of solar lighting are several.

  • Not dependent on local electric utility company and no monthly bill
  • Source of electricity does not pollute the atmosphere
  • No external wires mean no fear of electrocution or danger to workers
  • Workman requirements are greatly reduced as the components do not overheat
  • Excellent source of lighting in remote areas
  • Since the initial cost is higher for solar lights when compared to sodium and incandescent lights it is advised to weigh the long-term advantages of money savings and longer life cycles when considering the application of this technology. A disadvantage that is not often considered is the components are easily stolen because they are not wired.

    Maintenance requires that panels be checked regularly to make sure dust, moisture and snow has not accumulate on the surface. This is advised in areas where extreme weather is common or after an unusual storm. Also, since the batteries are rechargeable, they will need to be replaced a few times over the lifetime of the lights.

    Chandlee Electric now offers several packages for solar lighting installations. We will gladly send you an information brochure that lists the component packages we sell. Contact our office by phone or email for a free consultation and free price quotation. You may also submit a request form by clicking on the “Need a Quote Fast” icon on the lower right of every page of our website. Additional contact information is also found under the Contact Tab in the menu bar above. We look forward to working with you soon.

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