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Most electric and hybrid cars are supplied with a standard 120 volt charging cable that supplies electricity to the charger in the vehicle from the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment or EVSE connected to a 120 volt residential socket located in the carport, garage or at your business.  

New and recent models of electric and hybrid vehicles travel farther on a charge and many of these models require higher voltage. Even owners of older models find it much more convenient to be able travel further on a single charge. And who wouldn’t want to charge up faster with a new system. 

Chandlee Electric will gladly install the latest 240 volt Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment unit in your garage or carport at home or at your business. Whether you are upgrading from your current unit or requesting an installation for your first electric or hybrid vehicle you will now be able to charge your vehicle in only four to eight hours and travel further on a single charge!

Contact Chandlee Electric for a free consultation and quotation on a new EVSE system today. Our office can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 5:00pm at 470-709-4555 or by email to service@chandlee.com.

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